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With over 25 years of industry experience, urbani 1964 are the leading UK
suppliers of branded prestige and mass market fragrances.

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Our Retail Location

An area Important - 600 meters Square - In the historic center of Bassano del Grappa ( Italy ), in a '700 palace, and a decades-long history of the shoulders.

The beautiful Urbani 1964 perfumery is a story of passionate family, started many years ago by Santina mom and dad Antonio with the sale of articles for hairdressers and continued by his son, Andrea Urbani, the current owner and sole director of that today he continues to invest much time in store layout as to the product range.





Tom Ford is one of the most famous American designers of his generation. Its aromas are inspired by the allure of the past perfumery, when the finest ingredients in the world were used for perfumes timeless. Each fragrance is a modern classic, the seductive power, intriguing.


Memo Paris. "Perfume is a memory. Memo is its memory. The sense of smell is our most archaic sense: l 'emotion that gives you a fragrance is immediate. A perfume can make you travel through time and space and you still hear a once in a place that you loved or with someone you loved ... "


Roja Parfums redefines luxury and refinement in the age of modern perfumery. Roja Dove, Master perfumer, is renowned for the use of materials of the highest quality available; the precious Rose de Mai on Ambergris legendary - every creation Roja Parfums is made without compromise.


The first fragrance of the fashion house Bottega Veneta was launched in 2011: 'An old house in the beautiful countryside of the Veneto, with its gently rolling hills, where we come from. I imagined a room with old wooden floors, leather-bound volumes and libraries with the breeze coming in through the open windows, the smell of cut grass, hay, moss, flowers, mixed together.'